About us

  • Zale Resources is an independent private company which offers the personal service and interest that is so highly valued by all our customers together with the efficiency you expect from a technologically progressive company. Since its establishment in the year 2012 in Malaysia, we offering a wide range of services and engineering solutions for Industrial Sector specialties on cabinets (Anti Humidity Cabinets and Non-electronic cabinets).
  • During this period, the Company has grown steadily depending on consistency, expertise, professionalism, quality service and customer support. Controlled growth is an important aspect of Zale Resources corporate philosophy, allowing the company to maintain continuity and highest level of customer service.
  • Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has been in the business of developing and manufacturing anti-humidity cabinets for the past 20 years. Since 1987, we have been crafting many variations of such cabinets based on different industrial requirements.
  • We employ the latest manufacturing methods, and maintain an excellent record of technical superiority. We stand by our philosophy of building strong relationships with our partners by staying No. 1 in terms of quality, function, service and credibility, and offering extremely competitive pricing. By continuous review and updating of our products, we are able to take advantage of advanced control systems to further enhance equipment performance.
  • Strict attention to customer service by qualified staff ensures the highest standard of after sales support.
  • It is our policy to pursue Customer satisfaction by supplying our equipmentand services that are Quality assured and delivered on time. In order to achieve this we must remain competitive now and in the future, through continuous quality improvement from our employees to all aspects of our processes, in accordance with our Quality systems.
  • We believe that the key elements essential in achieving our objectives are the provision of highly skilled personnel, the right materials, equipment, clearly defined methods of working and continual communication and the promotion of quality throughout the company.
  • We at Zale Resources are committed to this policy and are convinced it will lead to pride in workmanship, pride in the company and pride in our accomplishments.
Our Goal
  • Zale Resources seeks to maintain and grow its reputation for providing excellent services, cost effective and innovative solutions, technical excellence and a final installation which is accepted as high quality by the reputed client’s.
Our Focus
  • To accomplish our goal we are focused on recruiting, maintaining and motivating a highly competent, professional staff which is dedicated to the goals and principles of Zale Resources. The staff must exist within, and be comfortable with, a culture that encourages all employees to work together towards the common goals of the project.
Our Responsibilities – As a Company
  • Zale Resources is responsible to clients to act always in a professional manner and to focus on doing what is “right for the project” (within the constraints placed on Zale Resources by the client). We should not focus on doing what is best for us unless it is also best for the project.