Dry cabinets application for the mass media industry
(Photography, video, audio, 3C products, etc.)


Photographic equipment

Humidity is the greatest enemy of photographic equipment. Most commonly causes for breakdown of photographic equipment are moldy lens, Lens unglued, worn-off coating, Aperture failure, Focus ring too tight, lens oil leakage, failure to Infinity focus, dirty lens, and damaged coating. The most significant factor among all is erroneous maintenance and incorrect storage environment. In the case of photographic equipment, the most suitable humidity is between 40 and 50% RH.


Optical data storage electronic information media

It includes two types of media: optical data storage (ODS) and magnetic data storage (MDS). ODS can be further divided into CD, DVD, and BD series, and the signals are created by burning little bumps at the surface of CD and then coating the CD with a layer of aluminum to reflect the signals. What is noteworthy is that the aluminum layer is slightly water penetrable. As a result, at a highly humid environment, luminance of the aluminum coating can be oxidized by electrochemical interaction with water. Data on the CD can become unreadable or be incorrectly read, which makes the CD a piece of junk. In addition, molds can grow on the coating of CDs, too.


Relevant hardware equipment

or infrequently used equipment, temperature raised by turning on the equipment can cause moisture on the surface of machine components to evaporate. So if equipment is rarely operated, moisture can easily cause the internal components become moldy, oxidized, rusted and deliver poor signal delivery. In addition, dust accumulation may also affect a machine’s heat dissipation, which can lead to a hazardous short circuit due to machine overheating. It is therefore important to place the device at an environment with appropriate humidity and temperature, low dust, stable and correct electricity supply, and good air circulation. In this case, device can be stored safely without the need to run the machine.

Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application

Professional camcorders, single lens reflex cameras(DSLR), digital cameras, negatives, floppy disks, CD, DVD, BD, video players, audio players, microphones, MP3, MP4, stereos, speakers, GPS, notebooks, iPod, iPad, memory cards, portable hard drives, batteries, software device, hardware device, image editors, processors, CD drives, projectors, cell phones, SIM cards, automobile electronics, etc.